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Years of Experience in High Performance Plastic Materials

Preferred Plastics, Inc. offers you years of experience in the High Performance Plastic Materials industry. We know it inside and out and help you with any questions you might have concerning materials.

Paul Panus has been working in the plastics industry for more than 16 years, most of that time as an employee of other companies in the sales area. During all that time, Paul developed very good relationships with customers and suppliers. As well, he developed a deep understanding of what the market needs and how to deliver.

In 2003 he started a small shop with a few machines to mill some of the materials that he was selling, together with a friend, they came up with the best ways to cut and mill the original rods they got from the big manufacturers in such a way that there was no waste, lowering the costs of the process significantly and putting some of those savings in the hands of his customers.